Domina Ventorum

Lady of the Winds.  The Element of Air, thought, discussion, science, cold reasoning.  I could go on, but that’s the idea anyway.  Well, I am a scientist, at least by education, by profession a Registered Nurse.

I am also a Witch.  A well trained and experienced one at that.  No nose wiggles, jars of toad parts in the cupboard, strange potions smoking ominously; no, today virtually all of the Witches are part of a revival religion.  Well, they like to think it’s a revival of an Old Religion.   Most of it is very new, most of it still has wet ink all over the place.  We do have old ways included, old names for our Goddesses and Gods, old holidays revived, an old calendar brought back.  But our views, approaches, and many of our tools are very 21st Century.  I’ve made my own ink and my own paper, I’ve learned archaic alphabets, and even done a tad of bookbinding.  When I want to work on a ritual, design a spell or whatever, I usually open a Word file.

Spells are actually pretty easy like making sure to have an umbrella when the weather is iffy, if you’re prepared, it won’t rain on you.  We laugh at such things just like everybody else.  Don’t forget your umbrella though.  I don’t use any of the cutesy goodies you can spend a fortune on in specialty shops.  It’s not the color of the candle that makes the magic, it’s the mind of the Witch.

We have Goddesses and Gods.  Who are they?  Good question.  We use a lot of the old names from Europe.  We also throw in Anybody  else who sounds interesting or has a pertinent story.  Ganesha, Amaterasu, Quan Yen, Spider Woman, Erzulie, we love them all.  We keep those myths of the gods that are useful, and pretty much dump those that are tacky.  Zeus did way too much patriarchal bed hopping.  No way Athena popped fully formed out of his forehead either.  Besides, she’s actually documented as a much older Mediterranean Goddess all on Her own.  What does this mean?  It means that humans have grown up some, and as a result, our Gods have as well or our view of them anyway.  Are these named persons really Gods?  Good question.

I’m a gardener,  a musician, a painter, a knitter, a cook, a poet, a writer, and generally, an all around human being.  Don’t forget mother, daughter, grandmother, lover, friend, and mostly a questioner of life.

Come back, let’s talk about some of that!


16 thoughts on “Domina Ventorum

  1. Mariah Windrider Post author

    Thank you sir! We’re out here, usually pretty quietly in the background, we’re probably the one (religious-topic types at least) even more hated by the Xtians than the atheists are. Living proof that they failed in their conquest of Europe. Can’t have that, now can we? For lots of us older types, we’re the other answer to the question “Why are you still a Christian?” Chacun a son gout.

  2. haydendlinder

    Hi Mariah, you mentioned “Spider Woman” as one of your Gods, is she a jorogumo from Japanese mythology?
    How did you become a witch?
    And as a Christian, I have no idea what you just said to Arkenaten. Whats a “Xtian” and a “Chacon a son gout?”

    1. Mariah Windrider Post author

      Spider Woman created the World. I know this because a wise old Apache told me so. As for how I became a witch, that was easy, I woke up one morning and realized that for me, reality had nothing to do with the mythology I had grown up with, that there was no way the Prime Being could be male (or at least only male), and that Goddess was getting annoyed because She had come to have coffee with me and I wasn’t even up yet.
      As for the abbreviation of “Xtian” it comes from the initial letter in Greek when spelling “Christ” and is commonly used to abbreviate things starting with that word such as Christmas as Xmas. There have been those of late that think it’s some kind of insult not realizing the P with an X across the stem is the Chi Rho, the first two letters of Christ in Greek and an ancient and honorable way to indicate things Christian. Allow me to mourn the passing of the classical education.
      Chacon a son gout is my lousy French, a favorite French saying meaning Each to his own taste. You like cheeseburgers and I can’t stand them. We shake hands and each order our own lunch. Shall we have fries with that?

  3. haydendlinder

    So basically you just make terms up and throw em out there to make me look like an idiot. Got it. Have you met my mother? Something about that reminds me of her.
    Seriously, I noticed you haven’t really posted a lot since you started the blog. If you’re looking for ideas I know I would love to hear more about your beliefs.
    Or you could start with some of these, though I’m not sure where I got them.
    “Bio: Third Degree Dianic High Priestess, scientist, healthcare professional, polymath, daughter, mother, grandmother, musician, fiber artist, Libra, time traveler, Monkey, writer, painter, lover of the skies. Seeker of the Gods, if indeed there be any.”
    I’d love to hear about most of that. Well not the Monkey thing BUT any of the other stuff, sure.

    1. Mariah Windrider Post author

      Oh dear! I certainly wouldn’t want you to look like an idiot! I think the section you quoted was from the brief biography WordPress asked me to write for the blog. None of the terms I used except for the ones that are specific to my religion perhaps, are things that are not in any main dictionary, they are certainly not things made up by me and tossed out at random, some of these things have taken me the whole 70 years I’ve been on the planet to accomplish.

      Oh, and you are quite correct, I have not posted a lot since I started, my bad. I have a very full life not to mention an obnoxious (meaning annoying and debilitating but not fatal) chronic health condition which often limits my ability to sit and write much. I will try to correct that as soon as I can.

      Let’s see, terms you may not be familiar with: Third Degree (Dianic) High Priestess. I put Dianic in parentheses because it’s my “denomination”, that’s all. The more common equivalent would be words like Methodist or Roman Catholic. In my religion, we usually use the term tradition instead of denomination since some of the earliest groups to become public had historical links to much older forms that had survived the Christian take over of Europe. So. Dianics are those who worship the Great Goddess only, admitting no male gods or men into their rites. Some of us, while basing our beliefs and rites on more rigid Dianic practice (the word is an adjective derived from Diana, one of the names of the Great Mother Goddess in the Mediterranean world), are not quite as extreme. The Priestess who initiated me would laughingly refer to us as New and Reformed Dianics. A High Priestess is one who has gone through years of study and training, has experience in leading covens, or may be the leader of a coven as well as having gone through a series of initiations, usually three major ones at least, that have made a significant difference in her life. Gee that sounds good! Sadly, I have met others who claim to be Third Degree HP’s who I wouldn’t trust to take out the garbage correctly. Oh well. I’m sure you can find similar tales of pastoral messes in the Christian faith, they often make the front page. We humans are just that, human. The difference between a High Priestess and a regular one is like the difference between a deacon and a pastor in many of the Christian denominations. It’s a hierarchy thing.

      Let’s see, what’s next? Scientist and health care professional. They are related. My basic background was in molecular biology leading to my Bachelors degree. I was not able to continue my formal college education when I graduated because of family duties. Some years later after a variety of jobs, the main one in medical insurance processing, I realized that the medical field was an excellent place to put all the odd bits and pieces of education to use especially to get a regular paycheck. So I became an RN. That was over 30 years ago and although technically I’m retired (my boss doesn’t seem to really believe that), my license is still current and active. I just got called back to work again, part time at least.

      Polymath. I need to get out my Funk and Wagnalls (I’m dating myself, that is a reference to an old TV show called Laugh In) for a full definition, but the term is applied to people with interests and education in a wide variety of topics. Let’s see: medicine, law, astronomy, all history, music, painting, religion, economics, linguistics and languages, (one is the study of how humans form language, the other is the languages themselves), archeology, geology, cooking, farming, is that enough? There’s more. Did I leave out photography?

      Libra is my astrological Sun sign. I was born between September 23 and October 22/23. I find astrology amusing, I used to do horoscopes for people, but it got old. Monkey is also a birth sign, from the Asian calendar, the year of the Monkey which will come around again in two years. The cycle is 12 years in all, but there are variations within that. I can never remember if I’m a Wood Monkey or an Iron Monkey. Curious, intelligent, clever, tedious and annoying… a Monkey! As for being a Libra, remember, the symbol for Libra is the scales like the scales of justice. We swing back and forth and usually can see all three sides of the coin. Three? Yeah, we’re tedious that way, it refers to the edge.

      Ohhh, time traveler! Are you familiar with historical recreation groups? You know, the guys that dress up in historical costumes and go out and continue to fight the Civil War? Or the Revolution? Or Agincourt? Well, my beloved and I belong to two of them so often we spend the week in the 21st Century and weekends in either Victorian England or hanging out with some of William the Conqueror’s Norman knights. Life is never boring! From dancing a quadrille to watching two men in armor bash it out at a tourney.

      I just re-read your comment in detail. What’s wrong with the Monkey stuff? I wonder what you meant by that. Did you think I was referring to being a primate in the evolutionary sense? Very interesting. Ball’s in your court!

  4. haydendlinder

    Generally speaking when people say “Monkey” at any point, nothing good follows it.
    I’m a Taurus. I’ve heard defined as my just being full of sh*t.
    You said, ” A High Priestess … as well as having gone through a series of initiations, usually three major ones at least, that have made a significant difference in her life.”
    What did you mean by significant difference in her life. I’m used to initiations being something you endure, not usually associated to “Life Changing.”

    1. Mariah Windrider Post author

      Don’t knock the Taurus folks, they keep going when all others have given up. They raise stubbornness to a sacrament. And yes, they can be great sources of fertilizer as well. If Libra’s could ever make up their minds about anything, they’d rule the world. Fortunately for the world, making up their minds is not on the agenda. Or on the other hand, maybe not…

      The type of initiation I’m referring to is more like a Masonic initiation rather than a college fraternity initiation. You’d have to get a Mason to explain that to you, and I think one could if you didn’t want detail. I can see where the term would be confusing to someone who had only run into the more boisterous type. Think also of things like First Communion or Confirmation with some Christian denominations, or Marine Boot Camp graduation. Once you have passed that, you are never the same afterward. Especially the Marines! You don’t mindlessly bungle your way through Boot Camp. Those that try sometimes come home in a box.

      Does that help?

  5. haydendlinder

    Yeah it does actually. My dad was a Mason for many years. He was old school so he did not share secrets but I learned enough to understand your talking about a spiritual initiation. Of course from what I have seen of Masons there are some that it had no affect on. Some people just cannot be moved by anything.

  6. Mariah Windrider Post author

    Like I said, I’ve met those who claim they are Third Degree Witches that I wouldn’t trust to take out the garbage correctly. What one does on an everyday basis is much more telling than diplomas on a wall or such. Be what you believe yourself to be in your heart, everything else takes care of itself.

  7. rautakyy

    You have a way with words I enjoy. Write more when you have the time – please. (You see, I know at least one magic word myself.)

    Here in my native Finland we also have people who claim to continue some age old religions of our own. Sadly, they are based on very little sources, that have survived the transition first to either Roman Catholic, or Orthodox faith and later to Lutheran reformed Christianity (wich was even more eager to attack the ancient beliefs).

    We also have a state sanctioned system of religion, that defines whose religion is acknowledged by the state. There actually is a commmittee, that decides whose religion is an actual religion, as if the publicly announced conviction was not enough. One of the things this committee, that has two lutheran bishops and some other Christian theologians in it, has declared is, that no religion can be admitted to be one, unless they have a “holy scripture” to base the religion on. Hence, for example Whiccan is not officially recognized as a religion, but a newly founded “Karhun kansa” cult is, because they – after having been refused the position as an official religion for lacking the scriptures – simply re-applied saying that Kalevala (the Finnish national epic collected from ancient oral tradition in the 19th century) is their “holy scripture”. Personally, I think it is ridiculous, that the bishops and theologians sit in this official committee, if we even need one, it should be comprized of professors of religion studies and researchers of sociology, not the representatives of one particular religion, that has “a horse in the race”, so to speak (and a horse that despite the early start it had, is rapidly loosing it’s headway).

    1. Mariah Windrider Post author

      Thank you for your kind words! It’s interesting that Finland has a committee to approve religions! They would probably have heart failure here in the US. As for your Karhun Kansa group, I wonder if they have any relationship to the Heathens, the Asatru (spelling?) They have been recognized now in several of the Scandinavian countries, most recently by Iceland. The Finns are a separate people I know, there are Finnish communities here, even in California. I love your pictures, I happen to know a lot of people who spend their weekends in armor. Sometimes very authentic, sometimes cobbled together. Maybe the idea of having a clearing house for religions isn’t such a bad idea, we here in the US have some really off the wall groups (and that from a witch!) We do have a few things that could be considered Holy Scriptures, my own line has it’s roots in Hungary, others have the Gardnerian Book of Shadows. So we have the Womens Book of Holy Mysteries. I would hate to see that become the norm because once something is written down and presented as being the gift of the gods, the next thing you have is a war. Especially if some splinter group starts to virtually worship the founding book instead of the gods it’s supposed to be about. Enjoy!

      1. rautakyy

        You can tell hello to your friends in armour from one in Finland. 🙂 You do Tudor period, if I gathered right from abowe? I sometimes do too, though here in Finland it is rather called the rennessance, or in my opinion it should be called with the same name as the Swedes call it more precisely the Wasa period. That is according to the Wasa family that ruled both Sweden and of course it’s easternmost province, Finland. It would be nice to maybe read about your hobby over there and perhaps see some pictures of your own…

        I personally think, that the ideal of the freedom of religion as described in our constitution is not fulfilled, if there is a committee evaluating what constitutes an actual religion and especially when the official institution weilding such power is mostly represented by one particular relgion, and not a neutral party. Of course there are historical reasons for this, and still majority of Finns belong to the Lutheran church (though not very many are religious or even go to church other than for funerals and christenings). But if the majority religion had some sort of ethical right to deny other people of their religion by not accepting them an official status, then for sure Catholicism would never have allowed Lutheranism to thrive, nor even get a position as an official religion. So, one can see the hypocrisy in the composition of this committee.

        I took religion studies in university as a side note to my main subject. It was fascinating to read about the different polytheistic religions and see how the freedom of religion slowly is giving way back to the lost cultural movements of revival of ancient wisdom. There is wisdom in every religion, even the monotheistic ones, though they seem to be more inclined to not stand for any competition and often the wisdom is succumbed by the inherent agressivity towards other beliefs.

  8. haydendlinder

    Well I for one LIKE the idea of the committee in Finland. It gives those fuddy duddy old theologians something to do with their time.:)

  9. Mariah Windrider Post author

    Well, then there’s the problem of giving old fuddy duddies something to do with their time, they fill it by making up stuff to make you do! That not only goes for theologians but for politicians as well. Better to keep them busy some other way!

  10. haydendlinder

    Well I guess that is the big question I have. how much effect do they really have on the religious practices of the citizenry? They say you are not a legit religion but does that actually change anything for the person they are judging? I know it wouldn’t stop me. I doubt it would stop you.


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